Friday, November 19, 2010

Days go by

What a beautiful finish to the week... another sunshiny day! I question myself if this is Ireland at times, but then in the night I get reminded as the wind howls and the rain lashes against my window...all to find out the sun greeting me in the morning. This week has been particularly special.

It is the little things that make you happy. Today I had the pleasure of a wonderful 2hr chat with my man, enjoyed a short run and came back to find a special parcel from Mum and Dad. Mum, impeccable taste, you know a girl always loves her lacy underwear (I am assuming it was you and not dad. hehe) And dad, I loved your letter. The wind in your face about Francis made me smile. Its exactly how I have felt here at times.
'The joy of tramping the roads... the wind blowing in your face... having the road all to yourself was part of the fun of being free... you hadn't a care in the world and the whole of nature was a garden just for you to romp in.' mmmm I feel like going and playing in some puddles and dancing in the sunshine!
Also Gabey how could I not miss you to much, your my cheeky monkey, they don't have many of them here!

Wednesday night was full of good craic! We went to a friends (Manu) house, and enjoyed some fun company, having a weee few drinks and some karaoke practice before we headed into town for a night of singing. It was a fun night, I even got to sing 'I come from the land down under'! A lot of national pride was felt. :-)

Manu, Marie, Bobby (I think trying to look serious)

Bobby and Justin singing their hearts out

Tomorrow I am finally going to Newgrange, a place I have wanted to go to for a while in Ireland, as its history just amazes me. It is an old burial ground that dates back older then the pyramids and stone henge. I will write an entry about it when I get back, as I am sure I will be in awe of it.

Enjoy the weekend beautiful people all over the world. I am sending some Irish sunshine to you all! (hehe. Bet you thought you would never hear me say this)

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