Friday, November 26, 2010

☼●☀ Celtic roots ☀●☼

Before I get to caught up in exams I am going to have a moment to reflect on the last week or so. Because it was a wonderful week.

I went to Newgrange as I said I was going to. And my! It was magical. I think the spirits of our ancestors thousands of years before were lingering in the walls the river, the rolling hills. It was amazing. To give a bit of background, Newgrange is located just North of Dublin, in County Meath. It is not entirely known what the site was used for but it is guessed to be a sacred spot for those who lived on earth over 5000 years ago. The symbols of the swirls that are carved into the massive stones that hold the structure are similar to those that are found across the world belonging to other ancient tribes, the meaning not entirely known. But some of the symbols like the spiral have no end… it is beautiful in a way that it leads your imagination to think – well what did it mean for them. The reason that Newgrange is thought to be a burial chamber is because when it was discovered a couple hundred years ago there was the remnants of teeth, jewellery and bones. However the lady that took us through the chamber states that it could have also been used when women were giving birth as one of the three rooms on the side of the narrow walkway had two granite stones carved into basins.

The magic of Newgrange is held by the structure. Being over 5000years old, the chamber has remained standing strong, and has not once leaked – and Ireland with all its rain, this is just incredible. Inside the temperature remains a constant 10 degrees all year round. How and why this is, is questioned. But the ability for a structure to maintain and the knowledge and the planning that went behind its creation just left me in awe. At the entrance of the chamber there is a small light box above the door. On the 21st of December, the shortest day of the year (Winter equinox) the sun will rise and shine through the hole illuminating the whole of the chamber as the light bounces off the back wall. This last only about 17minutes until it falls back into darkness for another year. It is just incredible. The feeling inside gave me goose bumps. There are a few more similar buildings around Ireland like this; they are older then the Pyramids of Egypt and Stone Henge. It was so special to become apart of something that made me feel so little and at the same time, so much apart of something bigger then me.

After our walk around the hills of Newgrange we caught the bus back to the heritage site to enjoy some yummy soup and sandwiches. Mmm soup is so good on a cold day!

This week I have just started to knuckle down a little bit into the study. It’s a sad feeling having to study and know that straight after I will be leaving Ireland. Although I am trying not to dwell on it, as I really need to focus. Only 2 weeks till exams start and I have a joyful 6 exams! I feel like I am back doing the HSC again! But following the advice of some wise owls back home I have just formulated a timetable to make everything look achievable.

This afternoon I am finally touching base with my Celtic ties. I will visit some of my distant relatives for a lovely weekend in the countryside of Borris in Ossory. I don’t know what to expect, but I am sure it will be lovely. And there are snow predictions so I am even more excited! Its so icy but the snow has not yet fallen. I have both my fingers and toes crossed!

Peace out people. I may not write again for a while.

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