Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spreading my wings - Trip to London

The journey has begun. This dream of living in the land of the green, where leprechaun and fairies roam, is actually a reality. Leaving Australia was difficult. The parting of a life into a new phase and saying goodbye for the next 6 months left me in a little bit of an emotional state. However with wonderful Sez at hand, we boarded the plane and took off for Kuala Lumpur. The 8 ½ hour flight flew by, and we had a rocky landing as a storm was brewing over the tropics. It was entertaining, my stomach going upwards as we went down. Stepping out of the plane was a weird experience as the humid topic air washed over me and made my skin all sticky and moist. I felt at home. The humid air, the bustling, the dirty grounds and the tiny airport. Maybe I chose the wrong country…

The short 24hr stop over was over before I knew, and I now ventured on alone. When I arrived in London, I was greeted by a totally new sterile setting. A big contrast to the day before.

I arrived at the bed and breakfast and new I was in England when a little hedgehog plotted along the front doorstep. Realisation hit, I am doing this!

London is an interesting city, a colourful array of people and cultures, history and the new. The hustle and the bustle of the subway, and the cloudy sky welcomed me in. I had a lovely time with a couple, Helen and Pete, who welcomed me into their home and treated me as an old friend. The parks in London were my highlight. Squirrels chasing after each other, ducks, trees, grass and ponds. Mmmm nature. I spend the rest of my day roaming south bank, visiting the Queen (unfortunately she was not home), the Tate Modern, ambling through Covent Garden watching the street performers and sitting on the steps of Saint Peters Cathedral.

I enjoyed my time in London but after 2 days was ready to move on to Paris and explore a new town. Helen and Pete had trained me up on the London Subway, and practiced a few french phrases to help me get by. So I felt ready to enter France.

I left London in the morning and went to the train terminal to catch the Eurostar across to Paris. It was simple, quick and got me there before I knew it.

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