Saturday, September 11, 2010

Paris the city of love

France is another world. Historical, dirty, modern and so French. I have been welcomed into Paris with a slight culture shock. The complex metro system (which turned out to be a simple after I figured it out), with my French vocabulary limited to Bonjour, and Parlez vous English?. However, with skill and many helpful Parisians, I managed to reach my destination and had a lovely stay with two lovely people Julie and Clement who I had not met, but knew through Emilie. Connections are a wonderful thing. They were so welcoming! You realise when travelling that small little gestures make the world to people, in this case to me. I realised that the world has a lot of love and generosity in it. People go out of their way to help you, even when you aren’t speaking in the same language. I have so much gratitude.

The narrow alleys, the French men and women, baguettes, lovers and historical architecture will be little reminders of my stay in Paris. The history of the old churches gave me flash back to what I imagined France to be like back in the 1600s. I am sure it was still full of the hustle and bustle as it is today.

Although the city is full of much beauty in is infrastructure, my nature calling pulled me to a woods the second day, were I soaked up the last of my time in Paris, just chilling and watching the swans. The fast pace slowed down a little, as I watched men fish, and feed the ducks. Then I moved onto the Aix En Provence.

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