Friday, October 1, 2010


My theme song at the moment is titled Buckets by Scarlett Affection. I look outside the window every morning to see if the sun is shining or if the sky is showering. The lyrics of buckets goes 'rain comes down, comes down in buckets and its raining cats and dogs' It makes me smile as I pull on my bright red boots on my way to classes. I almost want to jump in every puddle I see.

☂☁☀☂ This seems to be the Irish weather pattern, umbrella out, clouds start clearing sun peaks, rains, then sunshine... then process is repeated. Its a bit of a game. The weather is freshing up with the chill entering, mornings greeting me at around 6 to 7 degrees. Its very fresh! I love it, but my body is still adjusting as I havnt yet been able to throw off my cough yet after two weeks of feeling like I am loosing my lungs. But I'm getting there.

I have started to explore little bits of Dublin.

On the 23rd of September I got to celebrate Authers Day. It is a national day in Ireland to celebrate Guinness… a tradition that started WAY back… well only last year. A few friend, Lizz, Isabelle, Florence, Kelly and I trudged down to the Barge pub on the Canal. We scored a cute booth seat area tucked away in the corner with old leather lounges and big windows behind us. The rain started to bucket down when we got inside – it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside as it so cozy where we were. The countdown was like new years for the Guinness ‘Slainte!’ which was at precisely 17:59. The night was fun, full of dancing and at the end of the night we ended up walking home for a about 5km in the cold…. Fun times!

I explored Phoenix Park on the weekend, it was lovely and huge, I don’t think I saw nearly half of it but I got to walk through some nice grassy hills and woody patches. I had to wear mittens and writing in my diary was very difficult with the icy wind that was blowing. So after a couple of hours of strolling through the parklands I headed to Temple Bar and found a cute little exotic tea shop. It sold a yummy chai! I finally have had my spicey chai fix, mmmmm with sweet honey. I sat there and read for a while soaking in the aromas of the shop and people watching out the window in between. It made my afternoon.

This week there was a festival for Meditation on in Dublin, which I managed to go to one session on Tuesday. The session that I attended was on the Joy of self-discovery. It was interesting taking part and moving my body into a state of relaxation but also energizing it. What I really took from the gathering though was how abundant we are as individuals, we have infinite possibilities that all comes from our inner childlike joy of discovery. We should not think about things and restrain ourselves by our perceived limits rather we should recognize the potential we all have. We have a garden of beauty inside us that is just wants to grow. Don’t set limitations, dream, and create!

I also started my Irish classes this week, so hopefully when I come home I can impress you lot with my skills in speaking the native Irish language. So far... it is rather tricky. But there is still time and much hope. ✴✩✧✩✴

So life is going nicely, trying to balance exploration, socialing, and study… It’s a hard one.

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  1. So enjoyed reading this Briege! I love how you are exploring in the rain in your cute boots! You are a poet xxx Gormley